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How Hackerteen Helps... By a White-Hat Hacker

By Mary Rotman
May 22, 2008

A few weeks ago I posted about our new graphic novel, Hackerteen, and our amazing intern, Dylan. Since his presentation at the local Office of Education, we’ve been working on a few different videos featuring his viewpoints on Hackerteen, and we’re proud to say that one of them is ready for viewing.

In this short video, Dylan, a white-hat hacker himself (watch the video for a definition), comments about the purposes of Hackerteen, as well as the pros of teaching kids to be hackers who accomplish things for the good, rather than the harm, of the internet.

And when you’re done watching, visit the Hackerteen catalog page to check out what others are saying about this great book.

Here’s a sampling of the great feedback we’ve received:

"I wish that HackerTeen had been around when I was in middle school; this is exactly the kind of story and subject matter I would have devoured, and probably would have given me a better head start on my own computer career. Opening up the computer culture to 14 year olds is certainly not an easy task, especially since the public in general (ie parents) appear to be woefully ignorant of…well…anything involving computers. For lack of a better way to end this, I’ll just say this graphic novel comes highly recommended for teens with an obvious interest in computers." –Carrie Arnold, Happy Coding of a Happy Code Monkey

“There is a clear moral message in the real world, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do that thing. To educate kids that that applies to computers too, and to do it in an entertaining and respectful manner, as Hackerteen does, is incredibly valuable.”
– John Baichtal, Geekdad

“In Hackerteen, you won’t learn the step-by-step process for breaking in to your bank’s computer system, or how-to spy on your neighbors and friends. Instead, you will find clear descriptions of the perils of modern computing. Most importantly, you — and your teenaged children — will discover positive role models that show how cool it is to learn deeply, to make good choices, and to do the right thing”
ePublishers Weekly

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