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Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards - Hall of Fame

By Sara Peyton
July 25, 2008

Google's Chris DiBona and OSCON program co-chair Allison Randall presented the fourth annual Google-OReilly Open Source Hall of Fame Awards on July 22. Each year the Hall of Fame winners are invited to be part of the next year's selection committee.

2008 Google-O'Reilly Open Source Award Winners

* Best Community Amplifier: Chris Messina - BarCamp, Microformats and Spread Firefox
* Best Contributor: Angela Byron - Drupal
* Best Education Enabler: Martin Dougiamas - Moodle
* Best Interoperator: Andrew Tridgell - Samba and Rsync
* Defender of Rights: Harald Welte - gplviolations.org

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