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Can you make a living creating iPhone apps?

By Kathryn Barrett
October 8, 2008


There's been rapid change in the iPhone development world, leaving many would-be iPhone app developers wondering where they stand. In this free, one-hour live webcast, Bill Dudney and Raven Zachary, co-chairs of O'Reilly's upcoming iPhoneLive Conference on November 18 in San Jose, share a preview of the presentations they'll give at the conference. Following this preview, you'll have plenty of time to ask questions about the current state and future of iPhone application development—and how it affects you.

Bill's topic is Introduction to iPhone Development. Looking to get started on iPhone development? Bill will show you how to build iPhone apps from the basics to the beautiful. In this presentation, Bill will cover some of the demo apps that will be covered in the talk and show you the tools needed to build them. Join the webcast and get a head start on Bill's talk!

Raven will cover App Store Licensing Models in which he evaluates the current pricing conditions, advertising strategies, and pricing strategies for iPhone apps. This topic is crucial for anyone planning to make money in the iPhone application market.

Registration is free and easy. Plus, we'll send you a reminder before the webcast. Please feel free to share this news with others.

Date: Tuesday, October 14 at 10am PDT
Cost: Free
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Meeting link: http://oreilly.com/go/iphonelive

Questions? Please send email to webcast@oreilly.com

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