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Getting Ready for the Big Event

By Mary Rotman
October 17, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day for you guys--opening day of Maker Faire Austin! Which means today is the big day for all of us -- setting up booths, building tables, hanging signs, and watching everything take shape so you can have the best experience possible.

Create your vision of the future Did You Know?
Marsee Maker Shed

From building tables for the "What's your vision for the future" art project at the O'Reilly Information Booth, to putting up the fun and informative "Did You Know?" posters, to Marsee, our User Group Coordinator, trying to catch up on email during some down time, things really are bustling!

Our own PR & Marketing team is there, building eight plywood tables for the art project and setting up 40 hay bales for a rest area. "Creating the booth has been a lot of fun. [I'm] learning how to use some tools a little better. I'm following the philosophy of the Maker ethic, to do it yourself and build it yourself," says George Snyder.

Check out O'Reilly's User Group Flickr account for more pictures as the weekend's events continue, be sure to stop by the booth to create your own vision of the future.

For a schedule and information on how to plan for these two intense days of DIY, check out these tips from Rachel Hobson, one of our Craftzine bloggers.

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