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The Talk Around the Water Cooler

By Mary Rotman
October 14, 2008

Our office is buzzing with excitement as people pack up and head out to Maker Faire Austin. It's a weekend packed with adventure and surprises -- until you've experienced it you can't describe it -- and even then sometimes it's hard! From crafts to fire to demos and robots, there's something for everyone.

For those of you who are craft-minded, here's the latest Craft podcast with information about what to expect at Maker Faire that might pique your interest:

If you're bringing your kids along, they might enjoy the exhibit by Austin's EcoSchool--a three day a week school that's a bridge between homeschooling and traditional schooling. As the Craftzine blog stated earlier this week, Among the creative ways the EcoSchool teachers implement their curriculum is having the children use The Game of Villiage to learn about other cultures, countries and periods of history. The Austin EcoSchool's set up at Maker Faire will provide visitors with the opportunity to create their own Peeps that they can then take over to the Medieval mini-village to explore and play. The village includes a castle, a jousting yard, and a market faire.


See the blogpost for more information, and we hope to see you at MakerFaire!

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