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Ignite Launches Weekly Video Series Highlighting the Best of Geek Culture

By Mary Rotman
February 20, 2009

Ignite captures the best of geek culture in a series of five-minute speed presentations on topics ranging from "The Best Way to Buy a Car" to "Hacking Chocolate" to "Transhuman Technology Trends." Imagine that you're on stage in front of an audience of hundreds of people, doing a five-minute presentation using a slide deck that auto-forwards every 15 seconds, whether you're ready or not. What would you do? What would you say? Could you stand the pressure? Every week, find out how some of the smartest minds on the planet dealt with this situation as your host, Brady Forrest, highlights a different talk from Ignites around the world.

Ignite will be released for free weekly. It's available on YouTube (user: Ignite), on our Ignite site and via iTunes (we'll be in the store shortly). It is being released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

This week's speaker is Jason Grigsby doing a talk that was originally performed at Ignite Portland. Jason takes fun look at how Cup Noodle was created and how the team had to embrace constraints and new ideas to create this new food.

For more information on upcoming Ignite events, or how to start your own Ignite, visit ignite.oreilly.com or email the O'Reilly Ignite team at ignite@oreilly.com.

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