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Guess the Book, Episode One: O'Reilly Media on the Streets of Sebastopol

By Kathryn Barrett
March 10, 2009 | Comments: 1

We're so used to the funny animals on our book covers that we don't give them a second thought, but what about the rest of the world? Especially the non-geek world? In this first episode of Guess the Book, we took to the streets of Sebastopol, CA—the world headquarters of O'Reilly Media—to find out what our neighbors might think. For this first foray, we chose Learning the vi Editor, with the "vi Guy" himself (O'Reilly's unofficial mascot), to see if the townspeople could tell us what the book was about, simply by looking at the cover.

Special thanks to Sue Barneson of Country Home in Sebastopol and Sara Peyton of O'Reilly Media.

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Let me guess what's that book all about..Hmmnn (without clicking the link about the book)...I think that's a book about mathematics or computer systems? Am I correct? :)


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