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No Need for Weed. Or, Misadventures in Google Book Search

By Allen Noren
March 3, 2009 | Comments: 2

We all know that Google is known for their ground breaking software, their keen ability to mine the collective intelligence of users and deep data sets to deliver just the right bit of information one needs at a point in time. So it was with great interest when I looked at the Google Book Preview (we use GBP on oreilly.com) to peer between the digital covers of Programming Internet Email, a book we published back in 1999. Did I find chapters on email formats, APIs, and SMTP protocols? No. I found instead an interesting book titled No Need for Weed: Understanding and Breaking Cannabis Dependency, by one James Langton, "in association with Clearhead". Did Google know something I didn't, or that I wasn't willing to admit?

All kidding aside (of course!), I contacted Google and this is a simple case of crossed ISBNs on the Google back end. They're taking care of it, and before long the mistake will be corrected, which is why I've included the screen capture below. Mostly I'm amused by this. Who hasn't been on the causal end of something like this? And I'm grateful this isn't for one of our new or bestselling books, and that we discovered it. But it also points out how, when you rely on hosted services, how things can go awry in a Networked world.

No Need for Weed.png

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Gosh, Allen.

How are all of us pot-smoking nerds going to kick that pesky little dope habit now? You *had to* mess it up for everybody, didn't you? ;)

What !! I'm high right now. Wrong site I guess.


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