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Winners of the Limerick Contest

By Mary Rotman
March 18, 2009 | Comments: 1

We had such a fantastic response to our limerick contest yesterday that we decided to pick our winners in a special way.

We wrote all the names down and put them in a cup, shook them up well, and started looking for people to pick out one of the three names.


Our first stop was our receptionist, Kristin. She runs the front desk, fielding phone calls and helping visitors navigate our bookstore in the lobby.


Congratulations to Albin Hernandez! Here's his winning limerick:

Hard it is, to finally admit
to my website I could not commit.
I read some Ruby,
a tech so spooky,
my day job I was driven to quit.

Our second stop was upstairs in Design, where Karen and her dog Bailey work. As O'Reilly is a dog-friendly workplace, we thought it appropriate to use our favorite dog to pick the second winner.


Congratulations to Ross Stapleton-Gray! Here's his winning limerick:

A publisher known for his colophon
(each book sports an animal inked upon),
Tim O'Reilly by name
staged a limerick game
but most of the ones he got were pretty bad, really.

And our last stop was, of course, to visit Tim O'Reilly himself, inspiration for many of yesterday's limericks. Although disappointed that he couldn't pick his favorite rhyme of the day, he settled for picking one last name out of the red cup.


Congratulations to Christopher Reed! Here's his winning limerick:

Which language to use? Which one should I know?
Pascal, FORTRAN, VB, or FoxPro?
Wait! Must get serious!
Can't be delirious!
.NET is the way I've get to go....

I do have to say, however... my favorite limerick from the day was from Mark O'Mallett, for reasons you shall discover upon reading it:

A web-wand'ring flibbertigibbet
saw Rotman's attempt to solicit
a poem - not too naughty -
from all twitterati
and thought "this is one, I'll submit it."

Congrats to all our winners, and thanks so much to all who joined in the fun yesterday! We at O'Reilly greatly enjoyed hearing your views of us, our books, and technology in general.

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There once was a limerick contest
Where winners were not writers of the best
They were randomly drawn
Controversy did spawn
Because two of them weren't proper limericks

(See what I did there?)

I know the rules stated "We'll run the contest all day long and then randomly pick three winners out of a hat...", but this was pretty lame.


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