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Celebrate Earth Day by Sharing Your Green Living Tips

By Mary Rotman
April 22, 2009 | Comments: 7

We're celebrating Earth Day in our offices today by running a contest on Twitter (@oreillymedia). We're asking people how they're living green, and we've been getting a lot of great responses! Here are a few:

  • schneby: Walking on the trail, picking up trash with my wife while my dog chases geese.
  • jdpiehl #EarthDay Used zero gas by working at home and didn't turn on a single light all day (only sun light). And enjoyed Earth!
  • cpuspeed: not using a computer today... oops damn it
  • rumblestrut: I don't celebrate #EarthDay; but it's awareness changed how my family lives. We recycle now, use CF lighting, and drive less.
  • zstepek: I planned to celebrate by cycling rather than driving, which didn't work out. I did spend some time outside enjoying nature.
  • seanrea: Celebrating #EarthDay by bottling homebrew into old bottles rather than sending them off to be downcycled.

  • Dotsworld: Tore myself away from my work when I saw how excited my son was to plant his free sappling. Planted it together.
  • corewarrior: I'm celebrating #Earthday by working in my yard w/o electrical/gas power tools or mowers. Today I reduce my carbon footprint!
  • katiero: drinking OCSW wines. Ocsw.org
  • technoplastique: Switching out 15 50 watt halogen bulbs for LED bulbs that use 2 watts each and last 10 years! Yay!
  • hanekomu: I'm wearing a green t-shirt (from YAPC::EU 2008) and my last name is Grünauer, which roughly translates to "green meadow".
  • Aru: I'm spreading the word around my country about #EarthDay and not driving a car today to college :3.
  • mrael: I'm living green today by riding a recumbent trike: http://tinyurl.com/c9dcg5
  • thinkgeek: We celebrated #earthday by measuring our Tron cabinet's kWh/year, running a contest, & carbon offsetting it w/ @Terrapass.
  • qhartman: I'm being green by converting my landscaping around my house to permaculture and food production.
  • agbiotec: I celebrate earth day by wearing my organic cotton, fair-trade cap, and thinking ways to minimize my environmental footprint!

  • oamyoamy: Living green with patchwork coffee sleeves that let me say no to the extra cardboard sleeve with my latte! http://tinyurl.com/dyq9ms

  • mel21clc: Took the bus and Metro to work today, then brought my own utensils to eat out (they use plastic ones).
  • mindboggld: Turning off lights for 5 minutes tonight, didn't use hairdryer, and using old clothes for fabric used in projects.
  • JustJingle: I posted a fun Green post today and we are committing to be more diligent in all that we already try to do at home to be Green!
  • neimad: I drive my Prius every day!... but today I am walking to lunch and homebrewing beer. All natural Mother Earthy goodness!
  • offmanhattan: i'm green every day! http://offmanhattan.com is a travel blog for places outside Manhattan that you can get to without a car.
  • designkitten: Ride bicycle to subway station every day. Today rode bicycle entire 15 miles to work for the first time. #earthday
  • labelreader: Every day: walk to work, compost, recycle, pick up litter, mow with http://is.gd/tVME, and turn my PCs off. #earthday
  • bobholt: Ordering used boxes for my upcoming move.
  • caramiaculpa: Don't own a car, I use public transit. I learned to ride a bike last year to reduce footprint. And my veggie garden is great!
  • rhbaby: living green today by being the fat guy on the bike turning blue. Also sweaty guy on train.
  • ChemBob: Trying to win funding to do environmental remediation on several residential blocks in Detroit.

  • jamespyles: Living green today by not using microwave and picking up trash at university/greenbelt during my walk for starters.
  • oreeon: biking everywhere I go and planting the obligatory tree, well two in my front yard. Beautify & health 4 me & the planet

Join in on the fun and tell us how you're living green today, and every day, for a chance to win!

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I am touting the benefits of defrag to green computing, also not printing today, and closing my office lights 50% of the time.

Planet Earth is running out of room. We either have to move into space, or take the unimaginative defeatist Malthusian approach of depopulation here on Earth.

These are all really great tips, the more we can follow the better. Earth Day should be everyday, it is good that there is at least one day to spread awareness. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to help the Earth: http://www.toptentopten.com/topten/things+to+do+on+earth+day, you can add your own suggestions.

I don't celebrate earth day but I make an effort daily to live as though I do. If I might be so bold, I'd like to take a moment and shamelessly promote my new book, "Beth:Love AlongTheWay....by B.G.Sanford," and just released by Eloquent Books. It's a wonderful romance, a love affair of a lifetime, presenting itself to Beth during some of the darkest times of her life. She struggles with what to do, yet knowing fully, what would be morally right. Because of the very substance of this book, it certainly can't be considered "lightweight" by any stretch of the imagination. I hope you get the opportunity to read it as it's an entertaining story you won't soon forget.
All my very best,

I love some of these tips. I bought a Brita water pitcher so as to avoid bottled water (which I loathe, but sadly not all my family does) -- my college daughter did the same! I was proud of her for realizing what her water habit was costing the earth. About to plant the veggie garden. For some great tips on easy and affordable ways to save the planet take a look at "The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget." Great, great tips on how to go green without tons of effort or breaking the bank. The author, Josh Dorfman, is definitely on the cutting edge of the green movement. You'll get all kinds of great ideas in this one.

earth day is an interesting event having an empty road free from cars.

Have a look:

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