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Guess the Book, Episode Two - Back on the Streets of Sebastopol

By Kathryn Barrett
April 6, 2009

In this second episode of Guess the Book, we hit the streets of Sebastopol, CA (world headquarters of O'Reilly Media), armed with a copy of Programming ASP.NET 3.5. Our goal is to see if any of the locals can identify its contents simply by looking at the cover. The search leads O'Reilly's Sara Peyton and her trusty videographer to the offices of Sonoma West Times & News where one willing volunteer attempts to decipher the book's cover. Special thanks to George Snyder for being such a good sport and Round Table Pizza of Sebastopol for providing shelter from the rain and noise.

Now it's your turn to help out—which book should we use for our next episode and why?

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