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What Brings Out Your Inner Geek?

By Mary Rotman
April 14, 2009 | Comments: 6

In the trailer for Colin Moock's new training videos, Lost ActionScript 3.0 Weekend, Moock touches on the ease of finding errors, mentioning that this feature of ActionScript brings out his inner geek.

Now we're interested in hearing what brings out your inner geek. Is it programming? Is it a certain online task that speeds up the tedium of your day? Is it finding the perfect way to present your resume on your website? Whatever it is -- we'd like to know!

We'll be running a contest on Twitter later today to see what brings out your inner geek, and choosing a random response (@oreillymedia) to win a copy of Moock's Lost ActionScript 3.0 Weekend. Keep an eye on @oreillymedia for more details. Best of luck!

*UPDATE* The contest is now over -- congrats to @interslice -- today's contest winner! Thanks to all who shared what brings out their inner geek. Keep your eyes peeled for more contests in the future!

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Seeing what someone has done with a language or framework and then having to know how they did it. Usually the knowing is all I need but at times I need to take that new found knowledge and try to do something cool with it.

Finding source code for a piece of software that people employ for small but useful tasks, improving it by adding a new feature. Then releasing the upgraded version and seeing that makes life easier for many.

For example, there's a command-line client for Twitter implemented in Ruby, which I hacked lately to also get friend's updates that are on the identi.ca microblogging platform.

Working on apps with others and running a user group.

Lately: painstakingly keeping my 600+ cd's on itunes with all tags, genres, album art and so fort.

I love to read of a specific problem and see an innovative solution - not necessarily from the customary 'business' domain but health/nursing education.

I've just purchased Myth of Innovation (honest! - while at Scotland on Rails). Books like this really toast my bread - and I am still having withdrawal symptoms from the end of Tony Durham's articles in 'Computing' and similar in BYTE c. 1980's.

Databases. Using them, building them, and especially discovering new ones. They're what made me become a librarian and a developer, and I just can't stop building them.


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