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DIY Projects from the Greater Bay Area

By Mary Rotman
May 27, 2009

Congratulations to Enrique Ruiz -- winner of our DIY Projects contest! He and his son should have a great weekend at Maker Faire! See you all there.


We've been receiving all sorts of photos of your DIY projects for the past few days in response to the contest to win 2 weekend passes to Maker Faire, May 30 & 31, in San Mateo, CA. Below are some of the entries. We'll be accepting entries through 12 pm PST tomorrow, May 28th, so keep sending those pictures in for your chance to win!

From Enrique Ruiz:
Here's a picture for an Arduino Controlled Bicycle Pump that I could not integrate in time for my son's Iron Man Suit with Tech for automatic repulsor burst. :-) (Also referenced by Maker Blog--here. My son loved that!)

From Kat:
After teaching myself to crochet, I found this awesome purse project, that included crochet skills AND basic sewing skills. I think it turned out great and is way cuter than something you can buy at a store.

From Kent Barnes:
This was a Moleskine Hack that I made by drawing a Maker Notebook in photoshop and applying the printed cover over a Moleskine. I think there should be a Maker Mini Notebook this size so I made one!

From Reese Baird:
This is my 120 dB Personal La Cucaracha System. It is heavier than it looks.

From Roland Kippenhan:
This is a picture of my usb drive in a car. The car still rolls, and the 16GB drive is quite functional.

From Sarah Pollock:

This is a cat bowl water monitor that my husband built after visiting last years Maker Faire. He bought a copy of Making Things Talk, an Arduino starter kit, and a BoArduino, and set to work to make this little gadget. When the water gets low, it emails us letting us know, and emails every few hours until the bowl is refilled. Now our kitties don't have to die of thirst :-)

For more information about this project, see http://blog.andrew.net.au/2009/01/04#catbowl_monitor

From Erin Kennedy:
MANOI strikes a pose.jpg
MANOI is a 17-DOF humanoid robot. It can play hockey, and even has a hockey stick with light sensors to sense when there is a puck/ball in front of it. This usually is followed by a shooting action to shoot the puck, and depending on a random boolean it is either a goal or a miss. If it's a goal, MANOI starts to dance around. MANOI is equipped with a Sanguino, SSC-32, and it can be controlled via a Wii nunchuck.

From Eric Lechner:
I built a kayak, a Pygmy Osprey Standard. Unlike people who are diligent, it took me a long time, and I learned all sorts of problems with working with epoxy, and some of the solutions. It's built from a kit, using a technique called "stitch and glue". The kit came with all the materials, including pre-cut mahogany marine plywood for the shell. The edges of the frame are stitched together with wire stitches, then glued. The stitches are removed, and the boat is fiberglassed inside and out. I finished construction in late 1999, painting and varnishing it in 2001, and have successfully taken it out in the ocean without sinking.

From Josh Kopel:
Flotsam is a sculpture for the upcoming Dorkbot Seattle art show "People Doing Strange Things With Electricity 4." It will eventually have 8 "spines." It is intended to be reminiscent of a digital sea urchin and be made from recycled and natural materials (as much as possible).

From Adrian Wong:
This is a laser projection platform built from the guts of a laser pointer, a PC fan, and a laser-cut acrylic platform. Two players can play the classic game of pong on any surface, from an empty blackboard to the side of a building. The design details and schematics are available from almostsquare.com.

Want to participate? Email a picture of your DIY (do-it-yourself) project to press@oreilly.com and we'll enter you into a random drawing for 2 adult weekend tickets for this year's Maker Faire, held May 30-31, at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds.

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