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Sarah Milstein and The Twitter Book featured on The Agenda

Canada's Top Current Affairs Show Talks about Twitter and Its Impact on Journalism

By Sara Peyton
May 5, 2009

Hosted by award-winning journalist Steve Paiken, The Agenda explored Twitter and it's impact on how we get and share the news in last night's show. Twitter expert and coauthor of The Twitter Book, Sarah Milstein, joined the Toronto based show from a studio in San Francisco. Jay Rosen, professor with the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, Amber MacArthur, new media journalist and web strategist, Mathew Ingram, the communities editor at The Globe and Mail, and David Cohn, founder of Spot.us--a nonprofit project to pioneer community funded reporting--also joined the discussion. Take a look.

9780596802813_cat-1.gifWant to get The Twitter Book? The ebook is available now.

And if The Agenda inspired you to learn more about using Twitter effectively, don't miss the Twitter Boot Camp in New York City on June 15. Presented by O'Reilly Media, Twitter Boot Camp brings together an exciting roster of leading Twitter experts--including O'Reilly Media founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly, Edelman Digital SVP Steve Rubel, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, and more--in an exciting and affordable one-day conference.

"Twitter Boot Camp is focused on the business use of Twitter," explains Tim O'Reilly. "A lot of companies don't understand how to use Twitter effectively. Is it for customer service? Is it for marketing? How do you actually engage? How do you do it well? So we got together a set of speakers who will help business users understand effective twittering. Some of that is a little bit of a missionary effort because I don't want them to change the nature of the medium. I want them to learn how to make their efforts personal."

Adds O'Reilly: "I think any business user of Twitter will get a lot of learning from the practitioners who are on the cutting edge of what I think is going to be one of the most significant new tools that we've seen for business in a long time."

Even better, when you register for the Twitter Boot Camp and 140 Characters Conference you'll save. Hope to see you there.

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