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Women in Tech Rock! Join our Mother's Day Celebration

Give a Tech Book & Get 40% Off

By Sara Peyton
May 8, 2009 | Comments: 3

Twitterer @HilaryP is a developer, a technical evangelist, and the pregnant mommy of a toddler. And though she likes girly things like yoga and beauty products as much as the next gal she was also looking for a Mother's Day discount that appealed to her geeky desires. Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media agreed. And that's why we're now celebrating Mother's Day with a 40% off discount on tech books on oreilly.com. Use code MDAYT.

We're also posting photos of Moms and Grandmas with their favorite tech books here. Please send us your fav pics to press@oreilly.com.

Here's Bobbi Fox's offering: "(Actually, I'm also a technical grand-mom!) I've been in the software development biz since 1974, and have accumulated many O'Reilly books along the way. Attached is a picture of me with about half of my O'Reilly collection. Happy Mother's Day!"

LAURAbrynna-donn.jpgAnd a great pic from Brynna Donn.

LAURAleanne-waldal-148.jpgIn the pic, Moya Watson and Leanne Waldal with daughter Lucy.

LAURAsusanGaren148.jpgSusan is a professor of media communication & technology and Garen just graduated wth honors and is going on to Columbia U. for advanced studies in the fall. We are all very proud-- and exhausted. Thanks for the discount I am looking for a good book on Joomla and MySQL. This is a nice present!

Hilary-Pike-148.jpgAnd from the @HilaryP who got this celebration going!

kathleen-brade148.jpgKathy Brade is mom to two kids and a long-time software developer. Happy Mother's Day to all of the other technical moms out there!

priscilla-oppenheimer.jpgPriscilla Oppenheimer is a nerd and so is jer mother! She's 85. "She learned programming in her 50s about the same time as I was learning it in my 20s. O'Reilly books played an important part in our success!"

shawns-mom.jpgAnd Make managing editor Shawn Connally penned a tribute to her mom's craftiness.

Kimberly_Kohler.jpgKimberly Kohler shares this with us: "This is me demonstrating my veteran geek-mom multitasking skills. The baby in the picture is actually my nephew at 3 days old, but the ability to juggle laptop and sleeping baby was learned years ago with my own two kids (and one more on the way!)

Bonnie_MacKellar.jpg"Storytime at my house," writes Bonnie MacKellar, a software engineer, with her 3 kids Malachi, Naomi, and Elias. "Hopefully the technical bug will rub off on all of them!"

sarah.mei.5.jpgFrom Sarah Mei: that's me and my 5mo son. Not pictured: 4yo daughter (but that's her artwork in the background). Thanks for the mother's day discount!

Laura_FItton_148.jpgLaura "@Pistachio" Fitton (founder, www.oneforty.com & co-author, Twitter for Dummies) has been cramming on the Twitter API book. Ahem, and has two daughters "S & Z" ages 3 and 2

MotherDayOreilly2.jpg"My name is Radhika Srivatsa, have been into software development since 1989 and am now with the Sony Playstation group. Here I am with some books of mine and my daughter Bhavani who loves to get into software Engineering like her Mom. I look forward to getting new books from O'Reilly and this is only about 1/4th of my collection!! I love your Learning and Programming series of books. The books make me very self-sufficient in understanding any new concepts - thank you!! Happy Mother's Day!!"

Elizabeth_Cortrell.jpgFrom Elizabeth Cortell: I am a second-generation geek mom (computing is matrilineal in my family) and the creator of the Mod Perl Lunchbox., presented at OSCON 2005.

oreilly_mom.jpgFrom Gloria W: "My children grew up watching me write software. They understand and appreciate my obsession, even though they don't share it."

Henry_OReilly.jpgMy name's Sharon Stern. I build ontologies and do semantic modeling. I have a two-year-old son and a fifteen-year-old daughter. Here's a photo of me with my son, Henry, and one of my favorite O'Reilly books. I told my daughter that, while I'll always cherish the heavy glass statue of a bird she gave me last year, I'd really like a copy of Practical RDF this year. Here's hoping! Thanks so much for doing this. It's great to see all the photos of moms who tech, and the discount's great, too."

DonnaCornwell.JPGFrom Donna Cornwell: "These are a few of my O'Reilly books that I have at home. My three kids like programming too--the ten year old is learning html, the 15 year old is working on LabView and the 18 year old has been pilfering my Python books! I have been doing less and less programming over the years but expect to get back into it as the kids grow up and leave home."

rebecca.jpgRebeca and baby Sarah 10 years ago :)

cathy.jpgFrom Cathy: "My daughter often climbs on my lap when I'm reading. It will be fun to be able to link my friends to this O'Reilly project when this pic is posted."

shanna.jpgFrom Shanna Leonard: "This picture shows me in my favorite off-hours pursuit. (Along with playing Mafia Wars, that is.) After a long Mothers' Day spent following kids around from the pool, to the basketball court, and to their Jazz concert, there's nothing better than relaxing with a glass of wine and firefox set to my safari bookshelf."

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I find the concept of marketing kitchenware and oven mitts and knitting and sewing kits as ideal mother's day gifts very insulting.I think it is a subliminal way of putting the point across that that is what mothers are all about.
It was refreshing to watch tech moms ask for what they would really like this mother's day.I personally would like the latest cardio stethoscope for myself,but hey, I have no kids as yet.so, well !

Thanks, O'Reilly. With the discount I can now treat myself to that PHP book I've been wanting for so long. How nice to have it as a Mother's Day treat as well, considering that I'm just days away from having my second child.

Thanks for the discount, O'Reilly! From a geek mom in Los Angeles.


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